Meet the Dancers: Lydia & Larissa

Today, we have a very special edition of ‘Meet the Dancers’. These are not just any women. Nope, these are the very founders and leaders of Project Blank! Lydia and Larissa had known each other and danced together for a few years, when the idea for Project Blank started to bloom. Taking class is fun, but they missed the rush of being on a stage.

Together they brainstormed about how they could bring together creative talents to build a group of dedicated dancers. The unique selling point was that everyone would contribute with their skills in whatever ways they could: choreography, music, costume design, writing, or anything else in their bag of tricks.

At the start of 2016, they decided to go for it. After a successful first year, we’re back for round two – bigger and better than before!


Name: Lydia
Age: 31
Height: 1.68m
Work/study: graphic designer and adviser in arts & culture education for primary schools
Dance styles: modern, jazz, a little bit of popping & locking and her own fusion
Super dance talent: lifts (as a flyer) and arms that can move in unexpected and freakish ways
Extra talents: adventure sports and being a theme party costume queen and board game master
Fun fact: Lydia is the designer of the logo, branding and website of Project Blank!


Name: Larissa
Age: 31
Height: 1.68m
Work/study: post-doc in Management Studies at WUR
Dance styles: modern, jazz, salsa
Super dance talent: tumbling/acro/lifts
Extra talents: knitting (quote: “I’m among the oldest on our team – it’s allowed.”)
Fun fact: Larissa’s 7-month-old daughter involuntarily danced in last year’s Project Blank performance, as she was 30 weeks pregnant with her at the time!

Do you want to read more about our dancers? Check out the Dansers page on our website (in Dutch)!

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