Meet the Dancers: Robbert & Sanne

We’re back with a brand new Meet the Dancers! This week we’re serving up two true jacks-of-all-trades. Robbert is a skilled Latin and modern dancer, and his videography skills are also on point. To top it all off, he is a soulful saxophonist! Being one of the few men in the group, he has certainly learned how to stand his ground.

When it comes to being multi-talented, Sanne will not be left behind. This superwoman dances beautifully in both modern and jazz styles, and has even started honing her salsa and zouk skills. Sanne is both an avid learner and an avid teacher – she is even contributing some choreography to this year’s show. You can trust us when we say, she just knows how to pull it off!

This pair brings and impressive array of skills to us. It’s amazing to have them on our team!


Name: Robbert
Age: 33
Height: 1.84m
Work/study: chemist
Dance styles: Brazilian zouk, modern, salsa
Super dance talent: some call Robbert ‘master of dancing on the spot’ (zouk)
Extra talents: playing what John Mayer calls the ‘Bitch-whistle’ (the saxophone) and flying crazy-ass big drones
Fun fact: last year Robbert was the videographer of the Project Blank shows


Name: Sanne
Age: 28
Height: 1.81m
Work/study: project manager in area development
Dance styles: jazz, modern, classical, salsa
Super dance talent: outstanding muscle memory (Sanne even remembers choreographies from 10 years ago!)
Extra talents: being ‘the positive, crazy one’ in every group
Fun fact: Sanne is one of the main choreographers of this year’s show

Do you want to read more about our dancers? Check out the Dansers page on our website (in Dutch)!

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