Meet the Dancers: Simon & Lot


With only three weeks left until showtime, we have come to the final Meet the Dancers. Last but not least: Simon and Lot!

Simon was one of last year’s stars. A charismatic Brazilian Zouk dancer, he wowed us all with his newfound modern dance technique. His work ethic set an example for everyone. This year he regrettably didn’t have the time to go full throttle with Project Blank. However, when our beloved Jesús had to quit due to injuries, he stepped in for a piece, which requires two male dancers. We are grateful that he is able to join us on stage again!

Lot brightens up every rehearsal with her smiley demeanor. She was born to be on stage, and is a triple threat with her singing, dancing and acting talents! In addition to Project Blank, she is currently taking ballroom and Latin classes, and she has recently even been offered a role in a mime-inspired theater production! On stage with Project Blank, she shines the brightest in jazzy and expressive pieces. Off stage, she is part of the social media team. Needless to say, she is irreplaceable and incredibly valued here at Project Blank!


Name: Simon
Age: 35
Height: 1.99m
Work/study: Translator/Editor
Dance style(s): Zouk, Kizomba
Super dance talent: lifts and acrobatics, playing with dance connection
Extra talents: Simon is sometimes called a walking encyclopaedia (Quote: “Lots of useless facts and figures with sometimes the odd useful one!”)
Fun fact: lived in 11 countries in his life and is finally settling down in the Netherlands. He says he loves it here!


Name: Liselotte (Lot)
: 24
Height: 1.72m
Work/study: in between jobs; she recently graduated in Product Design and now thinks about starting her own business
Dance style(s): modern, jazz, show, ballroom/Latin
Super dance talent: theatrical expression that ranges from awkward to sexy – and everything in between
Extra (non-dance) talents: Lot is a true performer who, next to dancing, also sings and acts
Fun fact: as member of the social media team, Lot took (almost) all ‘Meet the Dancers’ portrait photos!

Do you want to read more about our dancers? Check out the Dansers page on our website (in Dutch)!

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