Meet the Dancers: Lenka Bachoríková

Photography by Rick van Woudenberg

Welcome back to our Meet the Dancer series!  Have you ever wondered how different talents and personalities come together to create our shows?  Our dancers have origins all over the world and contribute eight different styles to help us tell our story.  Today, we introduce Lenka!

Lenka is a powerhouse on stage and in the studio.  She gives energy to every movement – it doesn’t matter if she is just practicing or performing for a full theater.  She’s sassy and sharp… and then the music stops and she goes back to being quiet, sweet, and thoughtful!  Lenka is driven and intrinsically motivated by her passion for dance.  She knows what she has to do and she does it!  We are grateful to have her on our cast and we are all better dancers for it.  We asked Lenka some questions and here is what she had to say.

Name: Lenka Bachoríková
Primary style(s): Ballroom and Latin
Day job: Student at RUG in mathematics
Earliest dance memory:  I lived in Belgium when I was small. At that time, I was the biggest K3 fan ever. As a child I went to this kindergarten where we used to make a “last day of school” kind of show for our parents. One time, we made a show on the song Feest from K3. I remember that in the music video for that song K3 would turn around on a specific part. So even though we didn’t have it in our choreography, I had to turn around at that note as well. You can imagine that I was living my dream while the teachers couldn’t make me stop turning when I wasn’t supposed to.
Fun fact: I am a little bit of a nerd combined with an artsy soul. I used to be obsessed with Lady Gaga when I was a teenager and thanks to that I got to know many people, who are different from what is considered to be normal. They brought me into their community, which I am so happy for.  So, if you see me lipsyncing in drag one day – that’s the girl that studies mathematics in Groningen. 😉
A note about “The Shape I’m In”: This project is what I have been looking for since I came to The Netherlands. Every rehearsal, I improve as a dancer.  It also gives me the opportunity to teach and create choreographies. I am really looking forward to the final result – it’s gonna be lit! 😉
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