Some People Get Tattoos, Dancers Get Bruises

Occasionally, we enjoy a pop of colour on our otherwise boring skin. Some people get tattoos… dancers get bruises! To a dancer, bruises are beautiful in their own way, because they are a symbol of hard work. There’s nothing we love more than putting in a hard day of studio time, so we accept our bruised fate. Hey, it comes with the territory!

Our bruises come from making connections with each other and the dance floor. Sometimes, they are a result of lifts and acrobatics. Other times, we are so passionate about the movement, that we let the emotions take over from our cautious brains. We often do not even realise that we are bruised until we go home that evening…

Seeing the progress that we make at each rehearsal is worth the pain. Our injuries are minor and temporary, but we’re sure our show will make a lasting memory!

Speaking of which… only six weeks to go until our 2017 show! Stay tuned for details about ticket sales.

And on that positive note, here’s last week’s happy group shot. See you soon!

Group photo Project Blank



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