Meet the Dancers: Ely & Hannah

Slowly but surely we’re coming to an end of our weekly Meet the Dancers item. However, we still have a handful of inspirational dancers left. This week, Ely and Hannah are up.

A dance teacher herself, Ely chose to participate in this year’s Project Blank team so she could dance and not teach for once. And we’re so glad she did. Having Ely in your crew means having someone who is well versed in a host of styles. Her creative brain is a great source of inspiration too, as she often comes up with ideas to improve choreo pieces that just need that little bit of tweaking.

Sweet Hannah is the kind of dancer that switches from introvert to extrovert on stage. As we saw in last year’s show, her stage presence is truly memorable. Hannah’s attention to details when picking up new choreography is also super valuable – she has a knack for asking just the right questions until she’s got it just right. Her quirky personality puts a smile on everyone’s face time and time again.


Name: Ely
Age: 25
Height: 1.68m
Work/study: dance teacher (quote: “Working with kids 6 days a week keeps me young!”)
Dance styles: modern, jazz, show
Super dance talent: turn and jump techniques
Extra talents: Ely can’t sit still; besides dancing almost every day of the week, she plays field hockey and hits the gym on a regular basis!
Fun fact: Ely’s full name is Elyanne, though hardly anyone calls her that. Also, she hates riding a bicycle.


Name: Hannah
Age: 22
Height: 1.75m
Work/study: social worker in mental health care and (pre-)Master’s student Pedagogical Sciences
Dance styles: modern and jazz
Super dance talent: incredible stage presence
Extra talents: in our multilingual group, Hannah makes us laugh with her awesome quotes in a mix of Dutch and English (like “Do we have to make a schuine lijn here?”)
Fun fact: Hannah’s been told many times that when she talks about Project Blank (or dancing in general), it brings twinkles in her eyes!

Do you want to read more about our dancers? Check out the Dansers page on our website (in Dutch)!

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