Metaphor Monday #6: Shampoo your hair

“It’s a Monday, it’s so mundane” – this is a phrase from one of the songs in our upcoming show. About time for another Metaphor Monday, then! Our choreographers often use metaphors to explain a new dance move. Every week on Monday we share the smart and funny things they come up with.

Metaphor Monday #6: “Shampoo your hair”


In order to synchronize a dance move, choreographer Sanne told the group to ‘shampoo their hair’: move your hand around your head as if to distribute the shampoo over your pretty locks. In the video, Karin shows you how it’s done. This one sure stuck to our heads!

Curious to see more of our awesome (metaphor) moves? Come and check out our show on 16 or 17 December in Theater Kikker, Utrecht! Get your tickets now.

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