Meet the first batch of the Project Blank 2018 team!

First group photo of the Project Blank 2018 team

Most animals hibernate in winter (and some humans, too). But not us. Project Blank is dormant in the summer, but with the first rain showers of autumn, it is time for us to wake up!

We’re starting off slow. Our first rehearsal was pretty quiet – we are still waking up from our summer dance sleep – but that does not matter.  The ball is rolling.

Here we are again!

Project Blank is back, with a new team. With bigger and better ideas. With more ambition than we have ever had before.

Let us introduce you to the first batch of 2018 crew members. From left to right:

Afra, Robbert, Lydia, Larissa, Annelies, Simone, Nadia, & Floor

We can’t wait to take on this year’s creative ambitions with you. And with the five other amazing dancers, who we will introduce soon, of course.

In the meantime, check in regularly for blogs, vlogs, rehearsal sneak peeks, and more!

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