YES! Project Blank is whole again

In our previous post, we revealed a little secret: to be able to kick ass in winter, we hibernate in summer. Last Saturday, on 1 September, the meteorological autumn officially started. That means that by now, we are all fully awake!

Hence, with excited smiles, we proudly present to you: the full Project Blank 2018 team! Just look at this happy bunch. Doesn’t it make you wanna dance, too?

  • Top row: Annelies, Robbert, Larissa, Lydia, & Simone
  • Bottom row: Afra, Evelyn, Ely, Jolijn, Lot, Nadia, Floor, & Naomi

We have quite a few returning dancers, but we’ve also been blessed with some damn good fresh blood. We will be introducing our newbies over the coming weeks in our Meet the Dancers posts.

Want to re-meet the golden oldies? Check out last year’s Meet the Dancers here:

Stay tuned!

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