Meet the Dancers: Nadia

We kick off this year’s Meet the Dancers series with bubbly Nadia. We are thrilled to have her and we wish that she could have joined us sooner. Be that as it may, that wouldn’t have been possible: she has been travelling the world for more than a year and a half!

What makes us so glad Nadia is on our team? First of all, she brings a happy energy and sincere eagerness to every rehearsal. In addition, she is helping to expand the Project Blank range of styles. This couldn’t make us happier, as you know we just love diversity. Together with Evelyn (soon to be introduced), Nadia is bringing a fine mixture of urban styles to our show. We can’t wait to showcase her hard-hitting moves!

Nadia’s dancer passport

Age: 28
Height: 1.68m
Work/study: psychologist for young kids with eating disorders
Dance styles: hiphop, afro and modern
Super dance talent: gymnastic techniques
Extra talents: Nadia is a musical star, too. She played a role in the Dutch musical ‘Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen, meneer?’, based on the fairy tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Fun fact: Nadia’s toes are slightly crooked but symmetrical on both feet!

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