Meet the Dancers: Evelyn

This week, the spotlight is on Evelyn. She is a dancer who can make any move look effortless. If you need proof, just check out that photo… This girl is a true jane-of-all-trades. Not only does she bring multiple styles to the dance floor, but also plenty of stage experience – from public speaking to theatre directing.

This year’s show will feature Evelyn both as a dancer and a choreographer. She always has a clear vision for her choreographies. However, her passion for improvisation leaves her dancers with plenty of room for experimentation, too. This fuels their creative spirit and results in a powerful piece. Rock on, Evelyn!

Evelyn’s dancers passport

Age: 30
Height: 1.70m
Work/study: an aspiring artist, plus university researcher in Media and Performance Studies
Dance styles: her favourite is contemporary but African dance is stealing her heart
Super dance talent: improvise, improvise, and improvise some more
Extra talents: most likely found in the kitchen, improvising recipes, and exploring new ingredients
Fun fact: caffeine makes Evelyn jump up and down and up and down and up and down. It’s not a pretty sight. (She only drinks coffee decaf!)

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