Theaterzaal - 13
Dancers: Jolijn Calle and Joëlle Rozema; Photography: Rick van Woudenberg

In a quick moving piece, when we capture these moments of perfect unison, we are proud of how hard work and attention to detail has led us, if only for a moment, to look the same.  When the choreography is synchronized, we aim to match each other perfectly.  But this sameness is an illusion, and we do not want to cover that up.

We are twelve diverse individuals.  There is a twenty year age gap between our youngest and our oldest dancer.  We come from different dance backgrounds and different cultural backgrounds.  We speak different languages and practice different religions.  We are different shapes and sizes.  We identify as different sexual orientations.  We express our genders differently.  Each of us is whole.  But we are also part of a whole.

We revel in the synchronicity and yet we celebrate the freedom to go rogue.  Embracing the individuality of each of our dancers and members of our community is an enormous part of the Project Blank identity.  Thank you for being a part of it!

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