Meet the Dancers: Joëlle Rozema

Photography: Rick van Woudenberg

Welcome back to our Meet the Dancer series!  Have you ever wondered how different talents and personalities come together to create our shows?  Our dancers have origins all over the world and contribute eight different styles to help us tell our story.  This week, we introduce Joëlle!

Joëlle’s cheerful attitude brings joy and positive energy to all of our rehearsals.  She’s a hard worker and always open to trying new (and sometimes scary) things.  Joëlle is developing a unique style and is stepping up to choreograph for us this year! We asked her some questions and here is what she had to say:

Name: Joëlle Rozema
Primary style(s): Modern with urban influence
Day job: Student, Dance teacher, and McDonald’s employee
Earliest dance memory: As a child, I always danced to songs from K3. I knew all of their dances by heart.
Fun fact: Before I started dancing, I was a synchronized swimmer.
A note about “The Shape I’m In”: It’s beautiful to see how different every dancer is but how we thereby form a whole.

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