Meet the Dancers: Timothy Valenton

photography: Rick van Woudenberg

Welcome back to our Meet the Dancer series!  Have you ever wondered how different talents and personalities come together to create our shows?  Our dancers have origins all over the world and contribute eight different styles to help us tell our story.  This week, we introduce Tim!

We are incredibly excited to show you what Tim has in store for you this year.  He’s bringing talents to our stage that we don’t normally get to showcase, and we feel very lucky!  Tim is a creative spirit, yet earnest in his desire to always keep learning.  We are proud of him and so glad that he is a part of our show.  We asked Tim some questions and here is what he had to say:

Name: Timothy Nicholas Valenton
Primary style(s): Contemporary with urban influence
Day job: Art student
Earliest dance memory: Performing at school events with schoolmates. One in particular when I was about 6, I’ve even seen the video afterwards. I was rubbing sweat from my forehead, scratching all over my body and fidgeting because I had to stay still in one place for too long at one point in the choreography.
Fun fact: I lived in 3 different countries before I turned 18.
A note about “The Shape I’m In”: What I love the most is the two different ways of storytelling in Acts I and II. The fact that they’re different is what makes this show so wonderfully exciting and complete.
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