Meet the Dancers: Annelies van de Craats

Photography: Rick van Woudenberg

Welcome back to our Meet the Dancer series!  Have you ever wondered how different talents and personalities come together to create our shows?  Our dancers have origins all over the world and contribute eight different styles to help us tell our story.  This week, we introduce Annelies!

This is Annelies’s second year dancing with Project Blank and we are thrilled to have her back.  Her rational and even-tempered personality keeps us on track and brings calm to rehearsals when we need it most.  Her smooth movement is peaceful to watch.  Annelies is as balanced on the dance floor as she is in her character!  We asked her some questions and here is what she had to say:

Name: Annelies van de Craats
Primary style(s): Jazz ballet, classical ballet, and modern jazz
Day job: Ecologist
Earliest dance memory: dancing in the living room to the music of the Nutcracker
Fun fact: I often work when darkness falls, looking for bats
A note about “The Shape I’m In”: It feels natural, organic and a real team product.

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