Meet the Dancers: Celesta Kasper

Photography: Rick van Woudenberg

Welcome back to our Meet the Dancer series!  Have you ever wondered how different talents and personalities come together to create our shows?  Our dancers have origins all over the world and contribute eight different styles to help us tell our story.  This week, we introduce Celesta!

This is Celesta’s second year dancing with Project Blank and her first time contributing choreography to our show.  Celesta is energetic and excited to jump into anything!  She is possibly the most reliable artist that we have ever met, always well-rehearsed and ready to go.  We are so grateful for her dependable energy and enthusiasm and love watching her develop as a choreographer!  We asked her some questions and here is what she had to say:

Name: Celesta Kasper
Primary style(s): Contemporary is my favorite by far but I love to combine it with other styles like urban and show
Day job: Working at “De Ruimdenkers,” a self-managed team that leads all sorts of projects within the municipality of Utrecht.  It’s quite vague, but truly awesome!
Earliest dance memory: Crawling on the floor as a 5 or 6 year-old, pretending to be a tiger. And actually hating it. I wanted to be a pretty ballerina with tutu and doing pirouettes, not a tiger!
Fun fact: I cry when I laugh. So don’t worry right away when I am teary-eyed – it might well be that I’m just very much entertained!
A note about “The Shape I’m In”: We started earlier this year. I loved how those first weeks gave us some time to really experiment, create together and let the creative process flow naturally! It was a nice balance with the two intense months of rehearsal that followed.

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