We have come a long way

More than three years ago, the idea for Project Blank sparked. Well, we didn’t have a name for it yet (and arguably still don’t!) but we knew we wanted to start. The desire grew to bring together talented dancers to create epic dance productions. We weren’t sure how but we decided to go for it.

We made a plan based on a meager budget and started to set things into motion. At some point, we felt the pressure to come up with a name and ‘Project Blank’ was born. We chose it because we started with a blank slate and wanted to start every new production the same way; open to new dancers, ideas, talents, and opportunities.

In our first year, eight amazing dancers believed in our crazy idea and decided to join us for the ride. We are so thankful that they believed in us. Together we created our very first dance production; with two sold out shows it was a big success!

The second year, our team grew and new talent joined us on our journey. We upgraded our rehearsal and theater space and went all in. We wanted to be bigger and better in every way. Together we created a tight knit team and put together our second dance production. And it worked! We had so much fun creating and performing our second show and the audience loved it.

Now, we are on the brink of bringing our third production to hit the stage. I can honestly tell you that we have never been so proud of something that we created. We have added choreographers, interesting new styles, and a heartfelt story.

Here is a little recap of our journey so far, enjoy!

We are really proud of what we have created for you this year and hope you will come and enjoy the show in Theater Kikker with us.

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