Meet the Dancers: Floor

This year we are featuring not one, but two beautiful ballerinas. Next to Naomi, who we introduced earlier, there’s energetic Floor. She has been dancing with Naomi for years, and so it shows: this happy duo is perfectly aligned when it comes to their elegant lines. Besides Floor’s busy study schedule, with volunteer work for several committees on the side, you can find her in the dance studio in most of her spare time.

Being a true ballerina, Floor stands out with her graceful posture. She makes dancing on pointe shoes look like it’s easy (though we all know the truth!). In addition, Floor is the one who comes up with new ideas when the rest of us seem to have run out. Her energy is an inspiration for all of us!

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Floor’s dancers passport

Height: 1.69m
Work/study: veterinary medicine
Dance styles: classical ballet
Super dance talent: jumps and floor work (what’s in a name!)
Extra talents: always brings energy and enthusiasm
Fun fact: Floor has mastered the fascinating skill of doing an… eyebrow wave!

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