Meet the Dancers: Naomi

One of our new dancers this year is beautiful Naomi. This bright econometrics student delights us every rehearsal with her gorgeous lines, turns, and jumps. She also contributed to the show with funky classical choreography.

Ballet and pointe shoes may be her specialty, but don’t judge this book by its classical cover – spicy jazz and sexy belly dance have proven to be not a problem at all for this ballerina, and we may have heard some rumors about salsa, too! But when she enters the club, the real magic happens. She breaks it down. Honestly, her club dancing is so impressive, the rest may as well go home.

So stay for drinks with us after the show, and who knows… maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of this extraordinary talent! Keep rocking, Naomi!

Naomi’s dancers passport

Age: 22
Height: 1.58m
Work/study: bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics, currently doing a master in Econometrics
Dance style(s): classical ballet, salsa, modern, show
Super dance talent: piqués on pointe shoes
Extra (non-dance) talents: playing the piano, and baking cookies and pies
Fun fact: Naomi really appreciates a good… whiskey! She’s even planning a trip to Ireland to visit a variety of whiskey distilleries

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