Meet the Dancers: Celesta

The newest member of our 2018 crew is sunny Celesta! Only one month prior to the show, this superwoman in dance clothes stepped up and agreed to be a substitute for Ely in our December 1st matinee. For the past weeks, she has been bringing fresh energy to our rehearsal, absorbing every step, twist, jump, roll and turn. Luckily, this contemporary dancer has major talent for picking up and mastering choreography quickly.

In her daily life, Celesta is making the world a better place as a member of a young and dynamic team called “De Ruimdenkers” at the municipality of Utrecht. Her open-mindedness extends to her dancing, as she loves to combine and mix the most eccentric styles. She’s helping to take our show to a different level. Come and see this talented lady at our Saturday afternoon show!

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Celesta’s dancer passport

Height: 1.70m
Work/study: working at “De Ruimdenkers”, a self-managing team that leads all sorts of projects within the municipality of Utrecht. (Celesta: “It’s quite vague, but truly awesome!”).
Dance styles: contemporary is her favorite by far, but she loves to combine it with other styles, like urban and show.
Super dance talent: quickly picking up new choreography
Extra talents: coordination and communication
Fun fact: Celesta cries when she laughs. So don’t worry right away when she is teary-eyed – it might well be that she’s just very much entertained!

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